Bertrand BENOIT

Software Architect - Artificial Intelligence R&D Engineer

About Me

Dynamic and motivated Engineer in computer science with a passion for Artificial Intelligence. Certified IBM Artificial Intelligence Engineering Professional and Kubernetes Application Developer , skilled in Cloud computing, Software as a Service, Open-Source technologies, robust, secured and scalable REST API, with CLI, regex and GNU/Bash scripts strong abilities.

20+ year software architecture design and development, in various domains like User protected and replicated data, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, and Medical, with a deep holistic vision of client needs.

Working on Machine/Deep Learning and generative Artificial Intelligence, with Big data and designing innovating Data Science platform.


  • French: native
  • English: CECRL C1



Software Architect - Artificial Intelligence R&D Engineer at Ubeeko

2020 - now

Software Editor – Data Science Platform Innovator – 5 people – Paris, France

  • In charge of an incoming solution about quality governance of source code, project management and Kubernetes applications
  • Improvement of HFactory platform
  • Active in Artificial Intelligence projects, including prompt engineering for generative Artificial Intelligence
  • Kubernetes Application Developer
  • Active in Technology Watching

Python, Jupyter Hub/Lab/Lite/Notebooks, Apache Spark, Scala, Java, TensorFlow, Pytorch, Keras, Scikit-learn, pandas, NumPy

Pycharm, Kubernetes, Amazon Cloud, Azure Cloud, OVH Cloud, Google Cloud, Git, GNU/Linux, MacOs, Windows

Aston iTrade Finance

Senior Software Engineer

2016 - 2020

Software Editor – Fintech – 20 people – Nancy, France

  • In charge of Data Import features (about 150k+ buyers, 1.9M+ accounting documents)
  • Re-implementation of 80+ heavy processes as a robust intelligent cascade of Jobs
  • Management and improvement of Cloud usage
  • Active in Technology Watching
  • Improvement of Statistics Computation and Reporting features

C#, .NET Core, .NET Framework, Node.js, PHP, Composer, Symfony, Javascript, Angular, Backbone.js, AJAX, jQuery, UML

Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Azure Cloud, Redmine, Azure DevOps, Git, GNU/Linux, VirtualBox, Windows


IT Consultant & Software Architect


IT company – Digital architecture – 50 people – Nancy, France

  • Creation of a portal (Web Service) allowing medical staff to access to patient’s medical records
  • Creation of a dynamic Web graph system providing a complete overview of patient’s lifeline
  • Management of large data hosted by various RDBMS technologies

Java EE, JSP, Java Servlet, XML, [X]HTML, CSS3, Javascript, AJAX, jQuery, Spring, Struts 2, JSON, Highcharts, UML

IBM RAD, Eclipse, WebSphere, CVS, MS SQL-Server, Oracle, Windows


Senior Software Architect


Software Editor – large data (scale: Exabytes) – 5 people – Paris, France

  • Creation of Cloud Storage Web Services: Amazon (S3, Glacier), OpenStack Swift
  • In charge of Technology Watching
  • Full automation of build system (improvement of 80%)
  • Implementation of re-branding features, securing 2 new customers
  • Improvement of Archiving features to reach compliance with POSIX.1-2001

Java EE, JSP, Java Servlet, PHP, XML, [X]HTML, CSS3, Javascript, AJAX, jQuery, Struts 2, Axis 2, JSON, SOAP

Eclipse, Tomcat, Git, Ant, Jenkins, VirtualBox, Amazon (S3, Glacier), OpenStack Swift, GNU/Linux, Mac OS, Windows

Bsquare Consulting

Founder - Software Architect - IT Consultant


IT company – Consulting, Designing, Development, Maintenance – 1 person – Nancy, France

  • Improvement of Software with strong real-time constraints (1k+ simultaneous connections)
  • Design and development of Web Services (including an Amazon S3 Server emulator)
  • Creation of 3 Web Sites; maintenance of 5 Web Sites
  • Supporting strategic choices for hardware (including 5 computers) and Software

Java EE, JSP, Java Servlet, C/C++, PHP, XML, [X]HTML, CSS3, Javascript, AJAX, jQuery, Struts 2, Axis 2, JSON, SOAP

Eclipse, Tomcat, Git, Gitolite, Ant, Maven, VirtualBox, GNU/Linux, Windows, CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal)

Active Circle

Software Engineer


Software Editor – large data (scale: tens of Petabytes) – 30 people – Vannes, France

  • Leader of Software Engineering team (2 people), and Quality Assurance team (3 people)
  • In charge of the data archiving functionality on magnetic tapes, support of 4 TAR formats
  • In charge of data import onto magnetic tapes from other systems
  • Creation of API, command line system, and about 30 commands
  • Design of various tools for analysis, optimization and/or to ease the work conditions
  • In charge of source code, build system, re-branding and cross-platform compatibility

Java, C/C++, PHP, XML, Apache libraries, Google libraries, UML, Open Office

Eclipse, SVN, CVS, Git, Ant, VMware, VirtualBox, GNU/Linux, Solaris, Mac OS, Windows, Codendi, Sourceforge

Centre National d'Études Spatiales

Software Engineer


Space industry – France’s national space agency – 2300 people – Paris, France

  • Design and development of a software platform for designing next generation launchers
  • Implementation of features to model and simulate new systems with about 10 technologies
  • Integration with 3 computation/simulation tools, implemented in MATLAB

Java, PHP, XML, Apache libraries, UML, Open Office

Eclipse, CVS, Ant, MATLAB, GNU/Linux, Windows


GNU/Bash Scripts common

2010 - Present

Free common utilities/tool-box for GNU/Bash scripts, you can use for your own scripts. Compatible with GNU/Bash version v3.2+, v4.0+, and v5.0+, it can be used under various operating systems like: GNU/Linux, Unix, Mac OS, Solaris and Windows.

GNU/Bash, service, daemon, signal, system log, configuration file feature, pattern matching, PID file

Atom, Git, Ant, Jenkins, Docker, GNU/Linux, Unix, Mac OS, Solaris, Windows

Hemera - Intelligent System

2010 - Present

Hemera is a Virtual Intelligent System aggregating some more advanced Open-Source Artificial Intelligence Technologies (machine learning, speech, speech recognition, form recognition, motion recognition …); for application to daily tasks, home automation and robotics …

Python 3, Java EE, JSP, Java Servlet, JSON

PyCharm, Eclipse, Tomcat, Git, Maven, Ant, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker, VirtualBox, GNU/Linux, Mac OS, Windows



University of Lorraine

Master degree in Software Engineering


Université de Lorraine – Nancy, France

graduated with honors, Valedictorian

University of Lorraine

Master degree in Artificial Intelligence


Université de Lorraine – Nancy, France

graduated with honors

Lycée Henry Loritz



Preparatory classes for top French Engineering Schools

A Little More About Me

Some of my other interests and hobbies are:

  • Space exploration
  • Robotics
  • Domotics
  • Sport: Crossfit, Calisthenics, Swimming, Jogging, Biking
  • Āyurveda - ૐ